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About Us

Bob McKeever has been a licensed plumber in the Great State of Texas since 1981, receiving his Master Plumber's license in 1982. He received a Texas Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester license in 2002. Bob has extensive experience in all aspects of the plumbing business and excels in customer relations, troubleshooting and boiler repairs. He gas dug ditches, supervies call teams and dispatche dup to 50 service trucks-he's done it all. His ambition and dedication to his company, employees and family is the driving forece behind McKeever Plumbing. He spends his free time working on Classic Mustangs, riding motorcycles with family and serving as a registered adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America.


McKeever Plumbing's goal is to provide excellent plumbing services to resdential and commercial customers by hiring friendly, knowledgeable staff, trained to resolve our customer's problems in a positive, confident manner.

By putting customer satisfaction first, closely understanding market trends, and needs, utilizing profitable service marketing and employing dedicated, experienced individuals, McKeever Plumbing LLC will continue to grow and prosper.

Customer Satisfaction is the key to McKeever Plumbing's Success and Growth.

Our customers are our friends, neighbors and relatives and should be treated as such. They have built our company into what it is today and determine what it will be tomorrow. All repairs and installations will be completed in the most professional manner and should be done as though we are working on our own home, anything less is not acceptable.

Our business has grown by developing long term relationships with each and every customer. We expect to continue to cultivate this relationship and not view the service request as a one time job.

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